Hey there, I’m Thias (and yes, that is my real name!).  I live in North Eastern Wisconsin, home of the Packers, beer, and cheese, and work as an accountant in the manufacturing industry.  I am married to an amazing woman, Nikki, who runs a great healthy lifestyle blog (grabyourkicks.com)!  You might say that she gave me the idea to blog.

Nikki and I-2

Like most people out there, I never had any formal personal finance training.  I graduated from college, student loans in tow, and had to figure out how to manage money and prepare for life financially.  Growing up, I was always told I should save money but never knew where I should save it or how I could grow it.  Investing was never a topic of conversation at home.  But once I got into the real world, stocks and personal finance began to fascinate me.  I began to review ways to invest in our future and strategies to pay off our debt.

After reading and listening to many personal finance blogs and podcasts, I’ve decided to dive in and share the information I learn on a daily basis to attempt to teach others about the many aspects of growing wealth.  Financial independence is once of the greatest goals to have in life, and hopefully I can provide some resources to help make that a goal you can achieve.

I love to connect with readers so feel free to send out questions or comments.  You can reach me by e-mail (wealthhike@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@wealthhike).


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